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Success! Well, sort of. My FM antenna was delivered today so even though it was pretty cold here, I had to go out and play with it. Something is up with my rooftop antenna setup, so I installed a temporary setup behind my shed where I can just snag my local stations around the neighbor's house. It's not ideal, but it'll get me through the winter. I had to get it up about 15' to 20' up, but the FM antenna will lock onto RF 6, though HEAVILY pixelated and pretty much unwatchable. BUT it's a step forward. I ran it through the RCA PRAMP1R on the VHF input. I want to try just using a straight cord to the TV in the next couple of days and see how that works. Would've done it today, but I lost daylight too quickly. I should also mention that this is being sent to 4 different TV's. Anyways, I bought this antenna:
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