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I had wondered about an FM antenna. Which sucks, because I gave one away about a year and a half ago. And I really like the idea of using the extensions on a smaller antenna, but, most likely I'm going to try the dipole outside over the weekend first. I have a pair of rabbit ears that I measured out to 2.75 feet on each side and took it to the attic late last night. When I scanned channels 2-13, it stops for about 20 seconds about halfway through. So, I'm guessing it's trying to lock onto something but there just isn't quite enough there. I know, it's in the attic. There is a spot outside on my property that I used to be able to get it before but it's at ground level. Also, I remembered I had collected and kept some elements off of an old full range antenna someone was throwing out so I will probably try and build a yagi (my first one) using those. Also, all the pics REALLY help! Thank you again.
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