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Well I got the DB4e installed yesterday and it was more difficult than the Winegard install.
I couldn't find a position where I got the exact same stations as I had gotten with the Winegard. Maybe the DB4e is more "directional" than the Winegard?

I was using my iPhone and the Tablo app and found a position where I got excellent signal on all the major networks. I started streaming each station to my phone to make sure it looked good then we locked it down.

Unfortunately last night, watching TV, on the CBS and FOX stations I was experiencing periodic picture break-ups. I'd say about every 10 minutes or so the picture would breakup, sometimes bad enough that I was missing a word or two.

So I suppose I will have to climb back up there and do some tweaking. I'll wait a day or so just to make sure it wasn't atmospheric last night or something.

We did use Coaxseal on the one joint up there this time.
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