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I wanted to post an update. Over the weekend I discovered that the threaded stud on the back of my Tablo had come loose and just spun freely when I tried to disconnect the coax from it. At this point I was getting zero signal from the antenna. I contacted Tablo and they are send me a warranty replacement.

I connected the antenna directly to my TV and everything seemed so much better so I began to think this connector had been loose for a while and maybe it was causing my problems.

Last night I was watching my local ABC channel, the one I had all the signal problems with. I watched it for about 90 minutes with barely any glitches and then, I started having frequent "loss of signal" errors on my TV. I noticed that every time this happened I heard an airplane flying overhead loudly. We have an Air Guard base in my my city and they are always flying C-130s around for training. It was dark but I think this was the plane that was flying around last night.

Is that possible that the plane was causing momentary signal loss? It was almost like clockwork...I would start to see the picture break up, then the screen went black with the signal loss error and then I heard the plane go over. Then, as the plane's sound began to fade, the picture came right back on.
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