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(I don't know why 40.2 doesn't show up on the report
The charts only include stations. Secondary, or "sub-channels", are not separate stations, their data is part of the main station's signal.

KHBS transmits from Poteau Mountain which is in the opposite direction from most of the rest of the stations' transmitters which are sprinkled along the mountain pass along I-49 on the way towards Fayetteville.

That said, there are multiple possibilities:

1. Water ingress into a coaxial cable.
2. Defective matching transformer.
3. Localized electrical interference.
4. An odd reflection off something nearby that that is coming in stronger than the direct signal and is interfering with it (multi-path).
5. Tuner defect (try a different one, perhaps the one built into your TV set).

What direction is the "front" of your antenna facing? The front has the matching transformer connections, the back has the mast clamp.
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