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Originally Posted by Reaper7534 View Post
Do you think it would be a waste of money or should I accept defeat ? If you think it is worthwhile, what would be a good combiner and would I have to worry about multipath ?
It's a longshot, a gamble, only for the dedicated experimenter.

I did the analysis to make an evaluation.

With signals like that, the signal reports can be off either way.

My educated guess is that it is difficult but not impossible.

First you try to get the signal, then you worry about combining. Combining will not be easy; you might have to keep it separate.

You could use a separate tuner for NBC with its output connected to the HDMI input of a TV.

If you use a Mediasonic HW-150 ($40) you can enter channel 16 in the manual search window. This will avoid having to rescan over and over.

It also has a signal quality scale that drops out below 39% if the tuner can't pick it up.

There are ways to see if the signal is there even if the tuner can't pick it up, like an RTL-SDR.COM V3 SDR ($30) with DIY free software from Github or a SiliconDust HDHR tuner ($100).

It's your decision about what to do for WXII.
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