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Apologies for necro-ing this thread, but I just recently got my antenna back up and running with a new pre-amp, and WSB is still problematic on my end.

This channel was by far the most troublesome for me back before the frequency shift. There was a translator out here in the Athens area that would have a fantastically strong signal, then start dropping out entirely at night for no discernible reason...though sometimes I'd be able to pick up the main transmitter when that happened, though not terribly reliably as it was fringe service to be sure.

Now, rescanning doesn't seem to find the translator at all; the signal I do get, presumably from the main transmitter again, is even fringier than before, below the minimum for reception more often than not.

Anyone know what the current status of things is with WSB...especially for service out here east of the city?

(And, as an aside, there's another station or two that seem notably weaker than before--and a couple marginal ones seem gone entirely--even though on paper my new Kitztech should be more robust unit than the old RCA. Though to be fair, I guess a couple of other channels do seem a bit stronger. I suppose the repacking has changed the overall environment more than a little then. Or have other folks in this market noticed less change in performance over the last couple years?)

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