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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
You could remove the longer VHF-Low elements, but the antenna might not perform as well as an antenna designed for VHF-High because you are altering the original design of the antenna.

A suitable VHF-High antenna might be the Stellar Labs 30-2476.

You could shorten the boom, but you would have to find a new attachment point for the mast at the center of gravity.

What VHF-High channel are you trying to receive, WESH?
Yes, perhaps WESH, but also West Palm Beach WPEC (13) and WPTV (12).

My problem with pointing toward Orlando is that there is a line of trees just a couple of blocks away in that direction which limits the possibilities. However, I have been successful at times getting WKMG with a fairly strong signal but other times nothing at all.

Also there seems to be some local activity that might be of interest at W11DH (11) and at WWCI (10).

Also, just fiddling around trying to see what is out there.

Currently I have a DB8e (used) pointed at Orlando, as you suggested, but I am also wondering what would happen if I pointed towards Palm Beach.
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