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Originally Posted by toddbailey View Post
thanks for the feedback.
I made a mistake in reporting that I receive ch 9 kcts-pbs, I don't. This is another channel i'd like to receive. but with lower importance.
i'll review this and try out your suggestions.
Thank you for the correction; that makes more sense.

Using a separate antenna designed for VHF-High should help with reception of KCTS and KSTW.

Since I have a unused corner yagi i think i'll try stacking it below the bow tie i don't have any info on these antennas so I've included pictures.
The corner reflector yagi should be able to pick up most of the same channels as the original 4228.

This is an original 4228:

any thoughts on adding a cm 7777 amp to boost the signal further?
The 7777 is a high gain preamp; it would probably be overloaded by the very strong signals from the south.
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