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Originally Posted by jrgagne99 View Post
I guess my first thing would be to try to start at the source (the antenna). Check the terminal connections, maybe take a piece of sandpaper and some dielectric grease up with you. If possible, take a small TV with you and confirm signal strengths at the antenna. Then check downstream of your pre-amp (if you have one), and then downstream of each component in your distribution network in sequence. Maybe it is the trees leafing out? Do you have trees that are growing taller and taller each year?
Thanks for the reply!

FWIW: Everything has been fine now for the past couple of nights. If it was the antenna, wouldn't it affect ALL channels, or not necessarily? We have fresh snow on the ground here, so I won't be able to get on the roof for a couple of days. I remember a few years ago cleaning the rod things that go into the box that the coax is hooked to -- I'll do that again. I have dielectric grease and will use it, didn't last time.

I don't have a small TV. I've been meaning to ask this here, but never did. Why doesn't somebody make a hand-held thing to check signal strength with? Also: Considering where electronics are today, it seems it should be a simple thing to diagnose my (intermittent) problem.

I also remember checking the pre-amp a few years ago, from instructions on this site; I will have to do a search for them. But I don't know how to check anything else downstream from that. Check it with what?

No leaves out yet, and trees are all mature.
Everything from the roof down to the TVs was installed new in 2011.
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