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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
I saw similar antenna at a residence although it looks I've been different:

Just above the rotator looks like a 10 element crossed yagi beam for the ham 2 meter band (144 to 148 MHz) is both horizontally and vertically polarized...probably about an 11 ft boom. Possibly a Cushcraft A148-20T or comparable.

In the middle appears to be an 11 element yagi beam for the ham radio 70 cm band (420 to 450 MHz)...about a 4-1/2 ft boom. Maybe a Cushcraft A430-11S or A449-11S or something similar. Mostly used for SSB (single sideband) voice or CW (Morse code).

The top most antenna is probably for the 23 cm ham band (1240-1300 MHz). Difficult to see the detail, but probably a 35 element yagi beam on about a 10 ft boom. Similar to the M2 Antenna Systems 23CM35. Mostly used for SSB (single sideband) voice or CW (Morse code).

Not sure about the vertical antenna in the background, not enough detail in the photo. Looks similar to a 2 meter ham band (144 to 148 MHz) vertical base station antenna with three 5/8 sections in phase. Would be about 15 ft tall and typically used to work FM voice stations either simplex or through repeaters.
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