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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post

What Channel Master booster are you using and what Winegard combiner are you using to combine the antennas?

Is the 91XG aimed at Roanoke?

Where is the Mediasonic HW-27UV aimed?
I' m aiming the 91xg to Roanoke Va and the Mediasonic HW to the south towers. I m picking up all the channels from the south BUT the Charlotte and Raleigh only early in the morning. I can not get a solid signal afternoon, or evening.

Channel Master CM3410 PCT with Channel Master LTE Filter for 3G signals
Winegard Combiner CC7870

NOTE. months ago I used to have the 91xg south and the Y5713 aiming to Roanoke Va and picking those channels in the morning.
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