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I think the DB8e aimed at 225-magnetic is your best chance for good reception of the UHF stations on your list. You may even be able to aim it at 206 magnetic to pull in WTAE on real ch-51, while still getting the 222/226/228 UHF stations. If not, your ABC will need to come from WWCP on VHF at 167-magnetic. Your can use your old CM UHF/VHF combo antenna for this, but I would buy a Stellar Labs 30-2476 for around $30. I think it will have more VHF gain than the old CM. In either case, combine the signals from the VHF antenna and the DB8e with a UVSJ at the mast, then amplify at the mast. I recommend the RCA TVPRAMP1 at the mast which serves as both a UVSJ and an amplifier because it has separate inputs for UHF and VHF. I don't think the Antennas Direct PA18 has separate inputs, so you'll need to use a functioning, good quality UVSJ upstream of it to combine the VHF and UHF signals before feeding into the preamp. Any UHF component being picked up by the old CM antenna should be stripped off by the UVSJ when you input the CM into the VHF side of said UVSJ.

If it is logistically too difficult for you to combine and amplify at the mast, you can do it at ground level, but be sure to minimize the coax length between the antennas and the amp.

You should do all of these things with only one TV in the signal chain and no CM-3414. Only after you have done your best to optimize reception should you worry about distributing signal to multiple TVs.

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