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Question Hah, and 6 hours later it rained. Advice on two antenna solution?

Hi Gents,
Rained shortly after claiming victory which pixelated the hard to get station at 31 miles, 180 degrees from the stronger 13-17 mile stations. Stronger stations also pixelated because they were receiving only back wave from the CM4228.

Here is revised outline of the challenge: the CM4228, pointed directly at the hard to tune channel, was pixelating under heavy rain. So even buying another CM4228 to point at Ion at 340 degrees and paring it with the first CM4228 pointed at 160 degrees does not seem like a viable option.

Is there a more directional Yagi that I can point at the hard to get (by itself at 340 degrees)... and pair that with the CM4228 that does get the rest of them when pointed their way?

I do have a good bit of room in the Attic and can have these at least 16 feet apart. I want to exhaust the attic possibilities before trying to find a professional to install. One of the problems with professional installation on my steep roof, long fall, is what if there is a problem? How long are you going to keep them around while fiddling with direction? Added to aesthetics it is not the best solution. It would already be up on the roof of any of all the rest of my ranch houses by now.

Thanks for your continued help, and thoughts and prayers for all the folks crushed by Harvey and now staring at Irma in Florida.

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