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Thanks Rabbit73!

Thanks for the links- apologies to the original poster's query, I hope I haven't waylaid the topic!

RAbbit73 your anecdotes are interesting, I love to read things like that. What a wonderful father to teach you crystal radio set building at that age. In the US today children's "babyhood" is extended far beyond what is beneficial, unfortunately. This is off of an old German method, and part of another initiative set forth by our govt - uh oh another tangent meant for another forum, let's just leave it that it makes me very angry denying youth the benefit of increased learning and knowledge.
Did I mention that I am a girl- er, "woman" rather- I should have mentioned that in mine own anecdote, especially the part about the thick glasses and nerd repair, ugh being a girl we were subject to a much stricter aesthetic example than the boys. I Laughed out loud at your spectacles repair job! I think my father attempted a similar repair and it did not work then, the wire wouldn't keep the frame together (guhh.. in school having your big glasses crumble off of your face in gym class- mortifying)

Thank you for your links, and the info on them. Very interesting to me. I wonder if N America will ever implement DTT? (no need to answer, just an out loud wonder)
HDTV Primer I have in my bookmarks already but its been a while visiting, I'll got check it out again-
Regarding a "specific topic in mind" - nothing specialized, I like it all. Even modifying electronics, anything. I have most of the popular amateur radio/HF radio/antenna, dxing, tv forums and all related in a huge list of bookmarks.
I am a member of under "fleef"
eham I am "flyerkite" or something I can't recall it now, but it is a vanity non-ham sign.

I am an avid HF listener, I have a 2meter transceiver and many radios of all sorts including satellite hobby, but actually transmitting and DXing for contacts never interested me, so I never got licensed- yet!

Obviously this TVFool forum attracts our sort of people, as curiosity for solving problems related to antennas and theory, electronics, well it's natural.

Enjoy reading your replies to queries, it is quite remarkable how you take time out to respond in such detailed and careful solutions and possible scenarios.

thanks Rabbit73 nice "chatting" with you
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