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HDTV reception

I figure my antenna is in the 40 degree region. Looks like you are close to my location. The coax run is right around 75 feet. The other antenna I tried was from Target but I took it back.
The majority of time the signal has been great. I can go with a couple of glitches when the weather is acting up. When I am having the big problems it is every couple of minutes the signal is hopping all over the scale and the TV drops out. I do believe something / someone is causing the signal to go goofy but I'm not sure I can prove it. I guess the next time it happens I will record the time of day and maybe see if there is any time relation to the signal acting up. If I find there is a periodicity/ pattern to the excursions then I would have something to report to the FCC.
I can't find the quote you use on your emails but for me I'll say "You can't fix it if it ain't broke. If it would just stay broke long enough we could find the problem."
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