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I have gone in and requested a new search. This time I entered in all the data they asked for. I named it "John Jurgens 6-15-16".
Sorry, that isn't the way they are filed on the tvfool website. I did some research and made a guess about your location which puts you near WTK Embroidery, Wild Soap N Candles, and Taylor Driveline & Machine. If that is close enough, we will go with this report:

I don't see where the sporadic problem could be coming from the broadcast tower or the receiving equipment at my house.
Even if the transmitter output is constant and your equipment is stable, the signal strength can and will vary on its way to your antenna. Many times I have seen a change of 10 dB in 30 minutes. That is why we suggest a Fade Margin safety factor of 10 dB more than the minimum signal required for good reception.
At times it was just the local King 5
That is one of your weaker signals, so it would be affected first. Changes of temperature or weather can affect the signal.
I have a Winegard FV-30BB antenna.
That antenna doesn't have much gain. Maybe an antenna with more gain and a preamp would help. Your signal strength readings can guide you,
I have tried a different antenna and the result was the same.
What other antenna did you try?

If you have proof that someone is causing intentional interference, the FCC will investigate for you.

Are you aiming the antenna at 38 degrees magnetic?

How long is the coax?
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