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ADTECH, I hope you won't take offense but you are advising me to buy a product that you are selling. I have to assume that your advice is biased at best.
ADTech is an engineering type person, not a marketing type. He suggests the right tool for the job no matter who makes it. I have read his posts on several forums for many years, learned a lot from him, and come to respect the advice he has given to posters with reception problems.

He has learned to be conservative with his advice and not promise any more than can be delivered because he has learned on the front lines that a disappointed customer is bad for business. He has also tried to teach that lesson to their marketing department.

What about the Model # DB4E with a rotator? That is half the cost of the C5 and seems to have almost as much range.
That antenna is a very good UHF antenna, but it is not suitable for your location. You need an antenna for real channels 7, 9, and 13 which are VHF-High channels. It is the real channel number that determines the antenna needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6; very large elements
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

1, The best one can do now is an all-channel combo like the Winegard or Channel Master offerings and ignore the UHF part of the antenna.
Winegard HD7694P, and 7697

2. There are high-VHF antennas available including our ClearStream 5, a compact antenna intended for reception of channels 7-13.
3. Recently, cheap Chinese imports have hit the North American market being sold by MCM Electronics.
MCM Stellar Labs 30-2475 and 30-2476 are inexpensive, come with poor assembly instructions, but do the job.

If you decide you must have real channel 2 for NBC, you have to go big. Solid Signal makes a clone that might work:
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