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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
He doesn't need 25 PBS, it's a fill-in translator for WMEB main channel 9 which would be more readily received through the forest anyway

The HBU55 is also 12' long and 4' wide which would be quite unwieldy for someone who just had a heart attack. Even at $60, it's not a very logical choice.
ADTECH, I hope you won't take offense but you are advising me to buy a product that you are selling. I have to assume that your advice is biased at best.
I am hoping that my son, who is coming to visit this weekend, and who does AV installs, can put up the HBU55 for me (if I buy it). The really difficult part of installing the previous antenna was the width. It was about 8' wide and even though the wings could be spread out after it was up, I had to be standing on the ridge to do spread them. It only weighs 10 lbs.
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