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Bangor, ME has the peculiar distinction of being the only TV market in the whole country were a UHF antenna is not needed.

Existing VHF-only (2-13) antennas are huge, typically 9-10 wide and 10-15' long, and extinct. I don't know when the last one went extinct, but it's been quite a few years. The best one can do now is an all-channel combo like the Winegard or Channel Master offerings and ignore the UHF part of the antenna.

I checked on antennaweb and got very different results. It showed real 7 and 2 in the violet range.
The antenna color coding scheme on antennaweb has no correlation to the color coding used in the TVFool system except by coincidence.

There are high-VHF antennas available including our ClearStream 5, a compact antenna intended for reception of channels 7-13. Recently, cheap Chinese imports have hit the North American market being sold by MCM Electronics. Other than that, there aren't any viable high-VHF only antennas around with after Winegard discontinued theirs and AntennaCraft went down with Radio Shack's bankruptcy.

Sacrificing low-VHF would mean giving up WLBZ, your NBC affiliate, with its sub-channel(s).
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