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If anyone doesn't know already

Personally I am not a fan of those online "Watch TV FREE!!" sites as they are full of junk, ads, spam and God knows what else.

One I have used, that carries the kind of programming that the FTA satellites have, amongst others- is If I am in a nostalgic mood, I rush over to which is fascinating to me as I don't know how the guy pays for all of his server space?? No ads, no flashing "Click HERE" nada- just channels. Tubtub you can configure to autoplay the channels on your windows media player, I had to finagle it in Firefox settings. tubtub has many many "channels" such as the Dragnet channel, "Crime Scene" films, Dick Van Dyke, even Clutch Cargo. I think they must have about 150 channels, no advertisements, not even on their web page. There is even a movies channel with titles from the 70s, 80s, 90s- and I have watched some titles I remember from old Lifetime network that they would never air again (oh memories)
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