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I am curious. My husband travels a lot for work and this has been pretty stressful for him so I am hiring an antenna installer to move our antenna to the highest part of our roof and he is coming out on Thursday. At only $86 per hour I'm guessing it really should not take him more than a couple of hours. I am wondering if it really will be worth it to move it (I am guessing that it would go from about 25' high to 35' high) and number 2, the installer is reccomending a preamp he has in stock, the winegard AP-8700 preamp, is that as good as your suggestion and will it work as well? And finally, we did have another smaller antenna that did get the Harrisburg stations perfectly so is it possible to have him just add the other antenna to the mast or will we get some ghosting and need some sort of switch to go back and forth? We were hoping to add a DVR to the setup and if we need to add a switch then the dvr would not work if the switch was not flipped. It may be a crazy question but I thought I would ask. The other antenna was an RCA ant751R. I was extremely happy with the quality as it was rated for 36 miles and pulled in up to 55 miles, i just wanted to get a bigger one that was maybe more consistent with it's signal but if we added the smaller one to my larger RCA I would get all the channels I wanted...Thoughts?
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