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Your plot includes the warning "WARNING: Address was only resolved to block level and might not be that close to your actual location. For more accurate results, try entering a specific address or coordinates." That means that google did not resolve your address as entered so it guessed. Google's guesses are usually wrong. Use the interactive/online map tool to accurately locate your rooftop then run a new plot and see if it significantly changes.

Your existing plot suggests the following:

1. Remove the amp and its power injectors. Your numbers say it it is unnecessary and likely detrimental.

2. The C2-V-REF is redundant and should be removed. Your 751 already has VHF reception elements.

3. Attics are never a sure thing. It too often takes patience and persistence to find a spot where everything plays nice. Sometimes, you never find that spot because it doesn't exist inside the attic.

4. Be prepared to put the antenna outside where the signals can actually get to it. Ever try the futility of trying to force a square peg into a round hole? Ever notice how much better your head feels when you STOP banging it into a wall?

5. Whatever may be outside your attic will affect the signal inside it. Common causes are trees, neighboring homes, hills, your own homes construction materials, and the like. Except for the hills, none of these are included in the signal forecast.
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