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Reception in Longmont CO

My signal is occasionally interrupted with pixelation and choppiness. It's driving the family crazy, and I really don't want to go back to paid TV.

My signal analysis report is here:

I am primary only interested in the main Denver Broadcast Channels:
CBS 4.1 (35)
ABC 7.1 (7)
NBC 9.1 (9)
These three are all shown as “green” and should be able to be picked up with an indoor set-top antenna. They're also all in the same spot, so I'm fine with a directional antenna.

Here's my setup:

RCA ANT751R – Outdoor Compact Digital TV Antenna
Clear Stream 2 VHF Reflector Assembly
RCA TVPRAMP1R – Signal Preamplifier

Both the RCA and Clear Stream Reflector are mounted in rafters of the garage. They are mounted about 14 feet above the ground. They are pointed due south. If you drew a line-of-sight line to the broadcast towers, the signal should only be going through walls and siding, not roofing materials.
The RCA Antenna is plugged into the UHF input of the Preamplifier and the Clear Stream VHF Reflector is plugged into the VHF input. Both have only about 2 feet of coax between the antenna and preamplifier. The preamplifier VHF/UHF switch is set to SEPARATE; and the FM Trap switch is (I think) set to ON. The preamplifier output coax is then run about 40-50 feet from the garage into the basement where it enters the power injector. The power injector's output is then split into three lines that go throughout the house.

Interestingly, CBS 4.1 (35) along with all the other channels were coming in poorly. However, CBS 5.1 (30) which is the opposite direction and 35 miles farther came in with no issues.

The only in-house-caused interference I've seen is when a hairdryer was turned on within about 10' of the coax between the preamplifier and power injector.

Any suggestions?

I'm thinking I bought the wrong thing with the Clear Stream 2 VHF Reflector Assembly to help better pull in real channels 7 and 9? But that doesn't explain why I also have trouble with real channel 35?
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