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After three months living with this antenna system I find myself dissatisfied/disappointed and I am reconsidering the advice from 'teleview.' Channel 7 (39) is seldom watchable since it breaks up all the time. In addition all the other channels experience momentary signal breakup which I have suspected all along as being from signal overload coming from channel 13 which is only five miles away.

Although the summer weather has long departed I will swing my 91 XG around toward the Silverdale channel 7 (26) repeater and see how it goes for a few days. That repeater looks to be only 3 miles away so a deep fringe antenna seems like a waste but - since I have it........

@teleview you recommended a 8 bay bow tie antenna, the CM4228HD, and I am wondering why. I like the Wineguard HD7698P since it seems like a more aggressive design for deep fringe and it would have the advantage of greater directivity, which would discriminate against my channel 13 interference. I do recall reading an experienced poster recently who claimed that these deep fringe antennas need more surface area to overcome signal dropout problems. If that is true perhaps I would consider the change to bow tie since the Wineguard is more expensive and the boom is 14 feet long!


Edit: Well, it only took a couple of hours. I removed the PCT line amplifier, swung the beam around and locked on channel 7 transmitting on real channel 26 in Silverdale, Washington - 100 percent. A 91XG three miles away ought to lock in solid! So, I now can acquire a new high-vhf/uhf main antenna. Is it bow tie or yagii

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