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troubleshoot uhf dropout

I have recently installed a db8, y-10713, and rca preamp-1 with a rotator on a mast. It worked well but now drops out all uhf signals periodicaly. Thinking it was probably a bad connection I replaced the wire from the pre-amp to the db8 balun with new wire and compression fittings. It still drops out and I have figured out that if I bump the rotator 1 time and then back the picture comes back. How can I determine what part is causing the issue. It seems to me that either the balun or the amp has to be the problem. I can replace the amp off of a ladder but the balun will require bringing down the mast. I assume the balun is available from antennas direct and the pre-amp is only $22.00. I've read that these pre-amps can break at the connection if you overtighten? I don't think I did but I did use a wrench. I don't mess with the rotator much just use it to fine tune the signal for my weakest channel. The wire from amp to balun is taped to the mast above the rotor with a fairly large loop then taped again below the pre-amp. I figured this would eliminate issues when turning the antenna. Any opinions ?
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