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Originally Posted by wado66 View Post
I was just going under the technical theory "bigger is better."
Am I overkilling?
yes that would fall under the category of overkill. Having VHF low elements on your antenna will not help you pick up VHF Hi or UHF. That is what the one good benefit of the channel reassignment. Smaller antennas.

I recently took down my Radio Shack VU210 XR. A full 16 feet long and 8 or 9 feet wide. To be honest I don't know how it made it 15 or 16 years. No broken elements.

It was OK until I decided to raise my masts and then it became a windmill. These were only 35 MPH winds:

The CM-3020 is Too much antenna for the channels available. And that is true in most markets.... VHF LO is a novelty now.

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