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No Big Antennas

Originally Posted by wado66 View Post
The antenna will be mounted on a 2 story house.
I plan on attaching it to the eave with this bracket.

If I mounted a 15ft pole to this and antenna on top you think I would be ok for sturdiness?

Sorry, but I'm a noob cutting the cable for the first time and a little nervous about setting this all up.
The antenna will be using would be a CM-2020 or CM-3020.
The 2020 doesn't have a lot of cross section for wind load, so for 15 feet up without guy wires, you would probably be OK. The 3020 is a monster at 12 feet long. I would not put that up 15 feet on an eave mount like that. Unless you run the mast to he ground.

Do you need a VHF Lo antenna? VHF Lo antennas are too big to be practical, especially if you don't have any VHF Lo stations in your area...

If you choose a a VHF HI/UHF combo antenna it will have a smaller profile being more wind worthy. Then you could use

Like Stereocraig said " I'd also like to see as much distance as possible, between my upper and lower brackets, to minimize twist." And maximize strength.

The higher you go, the more wind leverage against your mast. If you use a stout enough mast, I wonder what would happen with the eave brackets in a heavy wind?. The brackets look strong but how much wood is on the other side where the screws go?

You really don't have the mounting area for guy wires on the drop off side of the roof, so that's out. Guys wires only on the roof side of your mast would only help on wind gusts coming from that direction.

Hey, in your photo, I see a higher roof. Bonus! You could put a tripod up there and gain 8-10 feet just by going up to the upper level peak. I'll bet you will get much better reception up there.

You could use your eve mount for something else, like an FM antenna or whatever you need since it is already there.

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