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Ok I again want to thank everyone here for helping and following the thread.

The conclusion will be a let down to some ... I learned so much and have knowledge I need for the future.

Basically I was looking for local OTA TV as my cable ISP will be bringing fiber internet to the area with no TV at first.. I would never pay for a cable boxes for cable TV...I presently have a basic cable TV plan with no cable boxes and stream all other TV. Present solution; I called up my cable co and was able to bump up my internet speed and cancel the basic cable plan I was paying for.. I still get the channels.

Should the channels get blocked or I switch to their fiber offering when it comes or switch ISPs I will need/want an antenna for my locals. That is where this has not been a fruitless endeavor. I know I can get a TV signal
now..and I have a better idea of the antennas needed.

For my location it seems I could pull the stations in with a RCA 7511 antenna but most probably need a larger one for a more reliable signal. The signal for the highest VHF (13) and the highest UHF (40) were weakest and difficult. The best location was probably on the top eave/gable of the house. I was able to see with amplification the signal could make it through my inside cables to my TVs.

Another important thing I learned is costs. Very few local installers, each wanting several hundreds in labor before my or their antenna costs ..without promising a signal. I was up on a ladder and the top eave is a scary place...cheapest solution remains mounting my own antenna though. The price to receive local channels if hiring someone seems could get really expensive. Altogether I had about $16 in return fees for the antennas and amplifier I tried... totally worth it. I take great comfort in knowing it is possible to get my locals and I'm not dependent on my ISP.
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