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Choose Right Antenna

Hey greggor:

Since you're fairly close to the towers you're trying to receive and you mentioned you had unobstructed access to the N/W, depending on your budget, I would recommend on the less expensive side the RCA 751 or 3036/7 (to receive Low VHF real channel 5); or Winegard 7000 which is very similar to the RCA 751 and also comes with low VHF dipole. (BTW, Winegard makes those RCA antennas.)

If you want higher quality construction and have a bigger budget, Channel Master antennas are probably among the best made and will give you many years of reliable use; especially given your neck of the woods. I would also recommend their new metal balun, or they have a less expensive plastic version that would probably work. There is a helpful thread that rabbit73 posted some time ago, which could improve your reception if you use CMs balun:

I've used those antennas above and can recommend them.

Let the forum know how it all turns out for you. I'm sure it would be appreciated.

All the best.....

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