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Cool 4228 HD is capable of some VHF

Sorry, since I don't own a 4228HD I really can't say that much about it. However, I've heard it can pick up some VHF. Apparently the old 4228 was better and actually picked up some VHF although they are supposed to be UHF only..

Although his website isn't often updated, Tom Ballister has done some great testing with data to back it up.

I think it almost every case the two antenna solution is the way to go for high levels up reception of UHF and VHF.

I think Tower guy has a good suggestion. With the repack coming, it looks like the 4228HD is better on lower channels and teaming one of those up with a 30-2476 sounds like a good combination with the new repack. I have the 30-2476 and it is a well made and highly capable VHF High antenna. Add to that there's not much variety anymore for VHF only antennas. Incidentally, it can actually pick up some UHF. Read Tom Ballister's comparison on his site.

As far as I know, this is the only place to get the 30-2476. They actually have a deal if you buy four of them, probably not practical for most.

I can't answer your technical questions, maybe somebody will see this post, possibly answer your technical questions, which I would like to hear myself.

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