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Please pardon my amateur questions but this inquiring mind would like to know

1. Is the 5db of gain on hi-VHF of the C5 and the CM4228 equivalent?
Are their cartridges impedances equivalent for hi-VHF?
Is their gain across 7-13 relatively equivalent?

2. Is VHF wave absorption relatively blind to UHF reflectors? Of note, the C2 and C4 have the VHF dipole behind the upper part of the reflector. Combo antennas have the VHF elements behind the UHF array which I understand is a compromise. All things being equal, how much more efficient is the 2 antenna setup?

3. Please contrast the pro's and con's of balun vs cartridge signal efficiency for coax insertion.

4. If your weakest channel is hi-VHF, mounting it highest would seem acceptable to me ? ie the stacker as an example

Many thanks again for the expertise!!
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