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Although the Clearstream 5 is a nice antenna, I have little use for the broad beam and UHF gain. The Stellar Labs 30-2476 does look like a good choice, and is higher gain.

I would like to see some specs on frequency response and gain of a VHF/UHF diplexer, but that may be wishful thinking. Some of the signals I receive are in the sub 20dB noise margin range, so I have tried to be very careful with short RG6, no splitters, etc.

A dedicated tuner for the VHF antenna is a possibility, but it would be much nicer to keep all 4 tuners (2 per physical tuner) available for all channels using a VHF/UHF combiner. If the loss from a diplexer pushes me over the edge I can dedicate a tuner to the VHF antenna instead. At $90 per tuner it isn't the cheapest approach, but not totally unreasonable for good RF performance.

I do understand @JoeAZ preference for minimizing loss after the antenna, and generally agree. If you have strong signals it surely does not matter, but my case is not really the strong signal case. Diplexer specs might help me make a good decision without climbing the antenna pole for another reconfiguration The networked tuner arrangement is ideal for direct connection per antenna, just have to pay the price.

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