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Before I parked and covered the travel trailer for the winter I wanted to try the C2V RV antenna from another location away from the valley we live in. I drove 2 miles west to a restaurant parking lot. Distance to the broadcast towers is the same, just higher ground and fewer trees. I was able to pick up the four major networks plus our CW affiliate which is in the same direction but further away at 65 miles per TVfool. We have one weak VHF channel from the north, opposite direction of all the others, 2 edge reception. I can get this at home with the CM4228 most of the time. I drove north 9 miles to a church parking lot on high ground with no trees nearby and was able to get ch12 along with some others from the north I don't get at home. Just for fun I turned the antenna to the SSW and got all the major channels from Columbus including the CW at 74 miles. Very good signal and no pixelation at all.
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