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ADTech can you comment on the Clearstream 2 RV antenna? I had no idea Antennas Direct had modified a clearstream 2 to fit on the standard RV boom and work with the preamp inserter already onboard.
I just got on my travel trailer roof to see if I had enough clearance on each side of the boom. I've got 13" to the side before it would contact the air conditioner housing and from photos it looks like the top of the Clearstream 2 would extend beyond the end of the boom enough that the VHF elements would clear. If there were a clearance problem could they or just one side be shortened without sacrificing much high VHF?
We don't tow over 68 mph but I have to wonder if the Clearstream 2 can take the wind pressure from driving. The pre amp looks a lot like the PA-18, is it ?
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