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The KINGJAKs are way more better than those crummy WINGRUDs. (inside joke)

In all seriousness, based on the size, they are probably pretty comparable in terms of signal gain. Looks like the Winegard Sensar IV has some VHF-low capability that the King Jack may lack, but there are very few VHF-low stations on the air now anyway.

I think I would focus on the other physical attributes to make your decision. For example, the ability to lower the Sensar IV all the way down might put less stress on your roof while you are under way, as opposed to the King Jack which is always at the same (operational) height all the time. On the other hand, if you forget to lower the Sensar before heading out, you risk doing damage to the the mount and your roof. Knowing how forgetful I am on such things, I would go with the King. The fact that it sits a bit lower is probably not a big deal in terms of reception, unless you have some other assets up on your roof that you need to get above (e.g. AC unit). In which case the taller height might tip the scales back to the Winegrud.
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