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Perhaps others will chime in with any creative ideas they have, but it appears that the NEC is there for a very good reason.
The National Electrical Code, produced by the NFPA, contains guidelines for electrical safety. It is the responsibility of AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), who is usually the electrical inspector, to interpret the guidelines. His interpretation then becomes the local law that is binding on the electricians and homeowners in his jurisdiction.

If you have any doubts about the correct method of grounding, the electrical inspector should be consulted. However, since some inspectors are more friendly than others, you might want to ask a local electrician first what the inspector requires.

If you want to look at the NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code®, you should be able to find a copy of the 2014 or 2017 Code in the reference section of your local library. The Code is difficult reading because it uses special language aimed at electrical professionals. ARTICLE 810 is about Radio and Television Equipment (OTA) and ARTICLE 820 is about Community Antenna Television and Radio Distribution Systems (Cable).

If you want to learn more about the controversial topic of grounding, take a look at this reference:
Antenna System Bonding and Grounding Requirements in the USA
Whitham D. Reeve (© 2012 W. Reeve)

see also:
Satellite System Grounding
Part 2 - NEC Overview
Presented by Todd Humphrey

Todd Humphrey doesn't speak for the NFPA that publishes the NEC code, but he has some ideas that are helpful.

The latest device to make connections to the house ground is the ERICO IBTB. It has a lay-in clamp for the house ground wire which must never be disconnected when your electrical system is energized:

This Old House on PBS showed one being installed.
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