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Originally Posted by pawoodbutcher View Post
I was really looking at the AD 91XG. Im sure you are all very familiar with it.

I just happened to come across the other one, and it looked like it might be decent.

Why do you not like the built in amps? Cuz they fail, and then your antenna is no good?
One of my antennas is a 91XG and I'm very happy w/ it.

For the same reasons I use separate audio components. Because of the reason you stated about failure and because you really don't know anything about the amp.

32db, sounds like they're adding the antenna gain and the amp gain together.

Unless you post your TVFR, we don't know if a UHF only like the 91XG would even be adequate.
I receive some VHF w/ mine, but I wasn't planning on them, when I started out. YMMV.

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