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Channel 9 help - Firestone CO

My setup is a new Samsung 50F6300 with a Terk FDTV2A antenna. I can get every channel that I need but Channel 9. I see this is a common issue in my area (from the forums). Talked to the techs at Best Buy and they recommended a different antenna (Clearstream Micron XG) This worked if you held the antenna above you head in the middle of the living room, not very practical. It is going back and I am looking at an outdoor antenna. Any recommendations?

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I had the same antenna that worked for a year in the same spot on a Vizio TV (had to replace as the HDMI ports went out one by one). I have come to understand the difference in the tuners in the various brands of TV's but am having a hard time understanding why the most popular station in Denver is so hard to pick up.

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