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Tv antennas and Tv reception

What direction is the HBU55 aimed , north or south??

Aim the HBU55 antenna at about 335 degree magnetic compass (north).

I am doing my best to get you the tv stations with out installing 2 antennas or a antenna rotor.

WSB-Tv 14 ABC that shows as virtual channel 2 on the tv screen is located at 217 degree and WPXA-DT 51 ION that shows as virtual channel 14 on the tv screen is located at 98 degree magnetic compass.

To improve reception of ABC and ION , remove the UHF reflectors that are shaped like this >.
The vee shaped reflectors. Or adjust the reflectors so the reflectors are straight up and down like is | .

This will get the reflectors out of the way so more of the signal of the ABC and ION tv stations can be received at the side and back/angle to the antenna.

To prove out the reception. Connect a known to be good matching transformer (balun) to the HBU55 and connect a known to be good coax to the balun and run the coax through a open door or window direct to one tv.
No splitters and preferably no coax couplers. Remove ALL of the amplifier , the out side part the inside part and any or all other parts of the amplifier and power supply of the amplifier.

With the HBU55 a known to be good balun and a know to be good coax direct to the tv. What is the reception like now??

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