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Tv antennas and Tv reception

During and after the switch from Analog to Digital Tv transmission in 2009 many Tv stations are now transmitting on a different Tv channel.

There are now REAL Tv channels and Virtual Tv channels.
WSB and WRCB are examples and not the only examples there Many more Tv stations that are transmitting a different channel then Virtual channel.

WSB was transmitting on Analog VHF low band channel 2 and is Now transmitting on UHF channel 14.

WRCB was transmitting on VHF low band channel 3 and is now transmitting on VHF high band channel 13.

Many Tv stations kept there old Legacy analog channel number (now the virtual number).

The main reason is , Channel Branding.
WSB is known as the number 2 so the Tv station keeps the number 2 even though the station is actual transmitting on UHF channel 14.

Tv Antennas are selected by the REAL channel that is being transmitted and received , not the Virtual channel number. The tv fool radar report shows both the REAL channels and Virtual channels.

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