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Trying to figure out my best options

I've been taking a crash course on antennas for the last couple of days and I THINK I've got a decent understanding now.
About 3 months ago I kicked cable to the curb and put up an antenna and use services such as Netflix. Overall I've been satisfied with this set-up.
About a month ago channel 2 WSB out of Atlanta started giving alot of problems. Other channels gave problems too. After several days of checking the antenna it dawned on me that the trouble started about the time the leaves popped out on the trees. So after clearing some trees I was able to make a good deal of improvement, but channel 2 still gave problems. I finally moved the antenna around and was able to get 2 very well with an improvement in channel 11WXIA out of Atlanta also. The problem is I lost other channels.
I'm using an Antennacraft HBU55 on a 20 foot pole and rotor and a hunk of junk radio shack preamp. I'm looking at a cm-7777 now.
If i tried to raise the antenna any futher I lose channel 2. I tried 5 more feet.
2 is a must have channel with channel 3 WRCB out of Chattanooga being second.
I would like to get those lost channels back and hopefully some other channels that I believe I should be able to. Get such as channel 5 WAGA out of Atlanta.
I see several options. First, a better preamp. The others being different antenna arangements.I'm thinking about a second HBU55 on the same mast located back in the old location. Or how about another HBU55 mounted fixed on a 20 foot mast in the present location and move the present antenna with rotor back to the old location and raise it 5 to 10 feet. Other channels did come in better 5 feet up. Got any other sujestions? I appreciate your help.

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