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improving reception

just installed a Wineguard 7694P 45 mile antenna.
It's pointed 251 or so based on maps I dl'd.
We're ~ 30m from ESB, NYC.

I does pretty well so far, although affected by summer atmospherics on chan 2.
IE: the "signal meter" on the TV varies from 30 to 60 of 100 on (virtual) chan 2.1 (real 33). 60 seems to be the dividing line for stable signal.

It's split once, at the antenna, at a 3db drop to 2 TVs.
Each TV will have about a 50' 75Ω cable connection, after I trim.
How much (average) signal gain can I expect?

I was thinking of putting in a coax to coax connecter at the entrance point in the wall as the spousal unit is unhappy without.
What kind of loss might that add?
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