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Originally Posted by eclipsme View Post
Thanks, Rabbit!

So with this list, how far down would you figure I might be able to get?

Both WPEC (CBS) and WPTV (NBC) from West Palm Beach are listed as bad on this report, so I am guessing they will be no goes?

Maybe WKMG (CBS Orlando)? But this would, I assume, require a 2nd antenna to point in that direction.

Suggestions? Thanks!
I redid the report image to include WPEC CBS at the bottom. It's even weaker than WESH and WPTV for NBC.

If a channel is listed as Bad on the rabbitears report, it doesn't mean impossible, it just means difficult.

In theory, it is possible to receive a signal as weak as -15 dB NM on a TVFool report if you have an antenna with a gain of 18 dB:

The signal reports are just computer simulations, known to be less accurate for weak signals.

Why don't you try both directions when you put the antenna up. I favored aiming the antenna north so that the strong WPBF coming from the south would be at the rear. If you aim south, WPBF would overload the preamp and tuner.

There are many solutions, that is just one possible solution.
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