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Is this possible?

Signal Analysis:

I am in Vero Beach and would like to get networks, if possible.

I've got ABC in West Palm (easy), but is it possible to get NBC and CBS from either West Palm Beach (to the south) or from Orlando (to the North)?

I have read about the Noise Margin (NM) on TVFool - "Red (outdoor) corresponds to channels with an NM of about -5 or higher." All of these station are in the red.

Using conservative numbers (I think) a high gain antenna like the Wineguard HD7698P should add over 10db to the signal, so CBS in Palm Beach (13), which as an NM of 3.5, plus the 10db antenna gain, less a high of maybe 3db loss from the amplifier (VHF) yields an NM of 10.5db, which seems like an ample margin for error...

The other networks have higher NMs.

So, if my thinking is correct, would the Wineguard be the best choice or what would you suggest? What am I missing?

Thanks for looking!
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