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Originally Posted by Caveman007 View Post
Okay but I am going to be a pain again, but this confuses me when you say it would be hard to pickup channel 10. I had a different antenna and amp on an tower at another house. I even picked up Toledo once in awhile faint but it was there. Have they changed the signal strength or any thing that I wouldn't pick up 10 or is there a different option.

I certainly don't want to confuse you, I'm just going by what the rabbit signal report says. The report is only a computer simulation. It tells me that your location is outside the area of coverage for CFPL on RF channel 10, the direct signal is blocked by terrain, and it is listed as a Bad quality Tropo signal.

This coverage map is by

Signal reports for weak signals can be wrong. I consider reception of CFPL difficult, but not impossible at your location. CFPL is about 55 dB weaker than your strongest channel.

CFPL is transmitted on a VHF-High channel. The antenna you are considering only has a dipole (the single horizontal element sticking out of each side) for that band; the loops are for UHF channels, not CFPL.

The report I did was based on my guess of your location in the NW section of Wallaceburg. Please do a report for your location using coordinates. Also do a report for the other house you mentioned so that I can see the difference. A different location can have very different signal strengths. You can do the reports at this site:

OTA reception is hard to predict; I can't give you a guarantee. You haven't even told us what your present antenna is or shown us a picture of it. You haven't told us what direction it is aimed at. You haven't told us what channels you get with your present antenna. You also didn't tell us about the antenna at the other house. We are having to do a lot of guessing.

Wanting your antenna to be bi-directional makes the UHF signals a little weaker when you remove the reflector.

I have been giving reception advice for about 12 years. I started doing antenna experiments when I was 8; I'm now 88 and still doing antenna experiments.

You will just have to try another antenna to see if it works better.

Why don't you put up the antenna that Tower Guy recommended, see how it works, and let us know.

You asked for an alternative. It would be two antennas, one for each direction.

The only other alternative is to stick with what you have now.

It's your antenna system and your money; you get to decide what you want to do.
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