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A new update. Now that the leaves are in fully on the trees I am getting a lot of dropouts on my weaker Dayton signals. This weekend I am going to try reinstalling the 4 Bay U4000 and possibly the Super G 1483 8 Bay to see if that will remedy the problem.

The biggest issue is that Ch 2 from Dayton and Ch. 7 from Dayton is the antenna location and height. Ch. 7 has to be positioned a few inches lower (when using a DAT790 MIX or another Yagi like the MXU 59) for it to be received well. This did not seem to be an issue when I used both the 4 Bay and 8 Bay. The antenna could be at a fixed height and still receive both adequately. Thus, it may not be possible to use the DAT 790 MIX even with a rotor since the design of the antenna is apparently a problem like a Yagi in this situation. Will report back my findings after I have a chance to go back and test the other antennas.
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