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Potential Success

Today on a whim I decided to give the Televes DAT 790 MIX one more try. In the past when I've had a problem with a pre amp or sometimes another piece of electronic equipment that suddenly stopped working, I found if I left it unplugged for at least a couple of days and then plugged it back in, it would work. Not in all cases but in some.

Today I did a quick test of the DAT 790 at 5 feet off the ground and it seems to be working again. All the local stations are strong and even Ch. 22 from Dayton was watchable! Can't get 2 or 7 or 26 from Dayton at 5 feet but I think that will change if I remount the antenna up in the air.

Will do the next weekend. With luck I won't have to buy another antenna now.
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