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Billiam, just a few things you may wish to consider. Bow tie antennas are pretty
sensitive to vertical tilt alignment, if you will. You mention that moving the antenna
up or down affects some channels with better signal and others with a worse signal.
It is probably the tilt of the antenna rather than moving it up or down a few inches.
Usually, I've found angling the antenna a few degrees above the horizon helps improve
signals across the spectrum. Now that we have your TV fool information, I think you
may wish to consider an alternative to a bow tie antenna. The broad beam width will
work against you. A high gain UHF antenna that is very directional might just be the
answer for you. You may wish to consider, MCM 30-2415 and 30-2370 antennas.
They usually are not my first choice but if you aim one of them at 20-25 degrees, it
may be enough to bring in the Dayton stations and not overload your locals....
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