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Potentially another flag on the play.

This morning before a very severe thunderstorm moved into the area I reinstalled the Antennacraft U4000 with the Titan pre amp. I did note that all my channels returned.

However, during the storm I lost several channels including local which I presume was due to the heavy rain and wind. I've never see this happen before except with really weak signals when I was living in a rural area.

Would a 8 bay or large Yagi help cure the problem or at least reduce the chance that I would lose local signals during storms? Since this is the first serious storm I've been through at my home I don't know what to expect in the future. No problems during the Winter or early Spring since I was not at home during these conditions if they existed since I was at work.

And just now I decided to do another test. Lost my real Ch. 51 but regained my real Ch. 50 when I raised the U4000 up another foot into the air. If I drop it back down I lose Ch. 50 again but regain Ch. 51. Ch. 26 is nowhere to be seen. May have been knocked off the air since I was receiving it during the early part of the storm.

This is by far the most perplexing situation I've had for receiving TV signals.
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